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Your Moments brings a new dimension to personal websites by creating a single destination to celebrate life’s significant events online.

With Your Moments.com, users can quickly and easily create a Moments website for a wedding, baby, anniversary, birthday, graduation or memorial. Your Moments combines many of the features of popular online invitation, photo sharing, blogging, and social networking websites, in an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

A Website Home provides friends and family a safe and secure environment where they can connect and collaborate on an event. They can record sentiments; convey best wishes and heartfelt stories; send online invitations and RSVP to events; and share photos and videos. Moments websites remain online for life to preserve important memories and provide an everlasting record of the special occasion.

Your Moments is a privately held company based out of Vancouver, BC with a US subsidiary office located in Las Vegas, NV.

Our History

Your Moments was originally developed to help friends and families commemorate loved one’s lives throughinteractive memorial websites. Our customers loved the website but many wished that they had been able to share their special memories with friends and family before they lost their loved one. This gave us an idea. Why not create a single destination where users could celebrate all of life’s important events online.

In 2011 we began design and development of a new website. We kept the Your Moments name, but the entire website was rebuilt from the ground up without a single piece of code reused. In January 2009 the new website launched in public beta. The beta period lasted a long 18 months, during which we conducted extensive user testing and market research

Finally in October of 2011, Your Moments announced the official launch of its new website and expansion into the special events market. Your Moments launched with numerous enhancements and feature changes that resulted from the 18-month beta period. With Your Moments users can now create Websites for all of life’s significant events: births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays.

For ongoing information about Your Moments, please read our company blog. We appreciate your feedback, so feel free to comment on the blog - or email us your suggestions.

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Types of Websites...

You can create a website to celebrate a significant event or a special someone.

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